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RUGMAC; leading manufacturer and exporter of
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Carpet Centrifuge and Cleaning Equipment

  • Rugmac | Rug Washing Machines
  • Rugmac | Rug Washing Machines
  • Rugmac | Rug Washing Machines
  • Rugmac | Rug Washing Machines

Carpet Cleaning Machine

DONERTAS® rug cleaning company was founded in 1942
Izmir City, Turkey.

With 73 years of experience and a professional team, we serve as a leading manufacturer in industrial carpet cleaning equipment.

Some of our machines are full automatic and semi automatic carpet cleaning machines, carpet centrifugal equipment, rug dust remover machines and more. We have various national and international references. Some of exports are to USA, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Germany, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt and etc. For any of your product questions, you can visit our machines page or Call Us +90 232 281 65 76

Rugmac | Rug Washing Machines

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