Rugmac | Rug Washing Machines
Rug Washing Machine
1 May 2014
Rugmac | Rug Washing Machines
Rug Sweeping and Finishing Machine
29 April 2014

• Washing and squeezing unit together in the same machine
• Manufactured with electrostatic epoxy painted steel construction
• Grip conveyor band system durable to all kinds of chemical and detergent
• Manuel electricity commanding panel
• Commanding with inveter (speed control) system
• Automatic pressured detergent pump system
• Sensible washing settings (according to carpet thickness)
• Brushing unit (3 washing scrubs)

• Water removing system with compressed rolls
• Manuel back rolling system
• Integrated to pipe type carpet centrifugal machine
• Squeeze speed:1200 r.p.m. (optional with timer)
• Manuel cover system with safety switch
• Inner drum; 18/8 CrNi satinless steel
• Industrial hole system gives perfect performance

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