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Comby Rug Washing and Drying Machine (2in1)
30 April 2014

Fully manufactured with 18/8 CrNi Satinless Steel
• Optional 6m2 - 9m2 - 12m2 (and higher) carpet width sizes and unlimited lenght washing capacityl
• Grip conveyor band system durable to all kinds of chemical and detergentl
• Optional PLC controlled systeml
• Commanding with inverter (Speed control) systeml
• Programme inverter system with modeml
• Washing width measuring movement controlling with automaticl Photocellsl
• Optional brush unit with 4 or 6 washing scrubsl
• Optional dual washing mechanisml

• Automatic pressure detergent pump systeml
• Water nozzles provide minimal water consumptionl
• Water nozzles provide pressured carpet wetting and rinsingl
• Working capability with city water supplyl
• Optional sub washing system integrationl
• Sensible washing setting system (according to carpet thickness )
• Brushing unit provides deep cleaningl
• Water removing rubber unitl
• Optional full automatic rolling and pneumatic carpet unloading systeml
• Carpet carrying unitl

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